The Sweet Remains March 6th

March 6, 2024 @ 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm
601 Longstaff Street
Missoula, MT
$25 suggested

Check these guys out.  I am excited for this show.

THE SWEET REMAINS is the very rare all-independent band to have nearly 60 MILLION SPOTIFY streams and counting!  They’re also unusual on today’s music scene as a band headed by 3 gifted singer-songwriters, each of whom contribute to the writing and 3-part harmonies that define the band’s sound.

Driven by strong lyrical and melodic writing, their songs easily appeal to fans of modern folk-rockers like Jason Mraz, Ray Lamontagne, and John Mayer. However, it is their lush harmonies, that distinguish tSR from the throngs of guitar-toting troubadors and harken back to super-groups of the 60’s and 70’s like CSN, the Eagles, Simon & Garfunkel.

In Feb 2020, the band released its 5th major release (and 4th Studio album), MUSIC FILLS THE SPACES.  Another collaboration with grammy-winning producer and long-time associate, ANDY ZULLA.

In March 2021, the band added another unique accomplishment with the release of their FEATURE FILM, THE INDEPENDENTS.  Written/Directed by band-member, Greg Naughton, and starring the band, THE INDEPENDENTS is a musical comedy-drama inspired by the band’s real-life experiences (and music, of course!).  The film debuted at the Santa Barbara Int’l Film Festival earning praise from The Hollywood Reporter who hailed it “An extremely engaging film… Unconventional and sharply written… Deserves to find an audience beyond the festival circuit.”  It next won “Best Feature Film” at the Omaha Film festival and has since won audiences and plaudits at great film festivals all over the U.S. (More film info here).

When RICH PRICE (Burlington, VT) –, GREG NAUGHTON (NYC), and BRIAN CHARTRAND (Phoenix, AZ – met for a chance jam-session in a Rhode Island hotel room in 2007, the three instantly recognized a musical blend and kinship that would eventually overcome geography (and solo-careers) to form The Sweet Remains.