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Dec 4 @ 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm

After a cancelled show due to injury and another due to Covid, the Two Bit Jug Band is finally coming from Spokane.

There Ain’t Nobody Like Those Guys! …. Papa John Gilroy (1904-1973) Take it from Papa John, the 2 Bit Jug Band is one of a kind! Ken Glastre knows how to deliver those old bluesy, jazzy tunes ….. with a Bit of Fun! His finger-picking guitar playing is powerful & dazzling, his vocal story-telling memorable & entertaining. “Where do you get those songs?”, asked of Ken at a recent performance. “The garbage can!”, his response. (Think of their songs as those that others have thrown away or forgotten.) Playing the bass line is Gut Bucket Giff (that’s Michael Gifford) …. masterfully! His washtub bass sounds great, his jug juicy (that’s a good thing), his tuba fat! With his kazoo, cornet & strong harmony vocals, he’s a versatile fellow, another Bit of Fun! Their songs have roots in old blues and jazz from 1920s to the 40s, even several from the 50s and 60s! They cover universal themes – food songs, sad love songs, happy love songs, and other stuff songs. Add it all up … you got the 2 BIT JUG BAND! Recently added to the 2BJB collection on YouTube are: Buffalo Skinners; Don’t Go Reachin’ Across My Plate; Beedle Um Bum; Stealin’; Honey, It Must Be Love; Ukulele Lady; Somebody Stole My Gal


John Floridis, Jen Sladen, and Ed Stalling benefit for Soft Landing Missoula @ LONGSTAFF HOUSE
Dec 16 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

John Floridis, Jennifer Sladenand Ed Stalling will be performing at Longstaff House to benefit Soft Landing Missoula.  John has done benefit shows  here before and we are pleased to lend a hand helping out this worthy cause.   We welcome and celebrate cultural diversity here in Missoula.

An introduction to Soft Landing:   Here at Soft Landing, we provide a long welcome for refugee and immigrant families who arrive in Missoula eager to build a new life and put down roots of their own. We strive to work with new neighbors to tap into all the resources and wonderful opportunities this community has to offer so that we all can thrive. At Soft Landing Missoula, we believe in the power of shared human experience, the celebration of milestones big and small, and the building of cultural bridges through common languages such as food, soccer and music. https://softlandingmissoula.org