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We are John Parker and Teri Keith and we hold house concerts in a restored church called Longstaff House here at 601 Longstaff Street, in Missoula, Montana. The space will hold up to 100 people, has very good acoustics, and there is ample parking.

I have had over 100 shows since 2018 from fairly unknown singer-songwriters making a couple hundred dollars to Darol Anger, Blaine Sprouse, John Reichman, Taeda,  Alastair Fraser and Natalie Haas,  and gates as high as $2000, plus product sales. I realize these are not big numbers for established acts but people seem to be contacting me every week for a chance to play in a pleasant setting for a quiet, appreciative crowd, and to add a bit of a payday to fill in a tour.

This is a private residence, so the shows are considered a private party. I promote the events through my Facebook page and a 900-person email list from past concerts.  My bookings are coming from word-of-mouth, I rarely solicit acts and do not make any guarantees. To qualify as a house concert, I give all the proceeds to the performers and don’t do public advertising, although the performers can advertise.

Performers:  I prefer booking Sunday through Thursday to keep weekends for my bluegrass band, Lochwood, and because there is just too much competition in Missoula, especially in the warmer months. This is a very busy town for live music. I start shows at 7PM and we are usually finished before 10. I often can get a local opener to volunteer to play for perhaps 20-25 minutes. We find it is best to play 2 sets, with a break to visit and sell merchandise. We provide dinner on the day of the show, and a double bed, numerous sleeping pads, and a bathroom upstairs in the concert venue if you need lodging.

Audience:  The shows do not have tickets or reservations and we have never had to turn people away.  We expect donations of $20-$30, which is very fair for the performers we get.  Most acts are performing below their usual fee to fill an open date and enjoy a listening audience in a fun space. 

I hope this explains what we have to offer you if you are looking to perform or to watch good music in Missoula.  I hope we can share some music together. 

Here are the shows we have had so far:

Greg Blake Trio Darol Anger LOCHWOOD 
Sassafras Stomp KEN Waldman Blaine Sprouse Band
Ben Winship/Eli West Sassafras Stomp Hazel Hue
Squirrel Butter Half Pelican Warren G Hardings
Aarun Parot Oldtime Social Edda Glass/Max Hatt
Dry and Dusty Lonesome Ace String Band Missy Raines Trio
Isaac Callender and Tim May Reichman and Jaybirds Ian Foley/John Whelan
Masontown Crisp / Miltch Pearl Djanjo
Greg Blake Band Adrian Legg Emory Lester
Mark Ross Mark Stuart FY5
Growling Old Men Old Time Revue Joy Mills Tom Parker
Masontown Claude Burbon Bill Mize and Ouzel

Moira Smiley

Jig Jam
Moira Smiley House Concert
Moira Smiley

Fy5 at Longstaff House
Pearl Django at Longstaff House
Pearl D’jango

Lonesome Ace String Band
Blain Sprouse
Missy Raines
John Reichman and the Jaybirds
Bill Mize